Small Business

small business

Saving Small Businesses’ Money

Entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation are not only the foundation of a healthy economy, but the back bone of America. Entrepreneurs embody the strength and character that help make our country great and we’d like to keep it that way. As a family owned business since 1965, we understand the struggles and sacrifices of being a business owner. Small business owners may not always have the budget for the latest upgrades in IT equipment or even know what to do with their used equipment. Let our IT experts help with upgrades and disposal of your IT assets when needed. We can flawlessly help save your check book, so you can get back to running your business

Data Security

With over 50 years’ experience in data security, we can help with the liquidation of computer and IT equipment without any concern for data leaks. From personal laptops and desktops containing personal or proprietary information to servers and hard drives with financial records; we keep everything confidential and secure.

Return on Assets

For over half a century, our IT experts have been assisting educational, government, healthcare, and corporate entities get a bigger return on investment for their used IT equipment. We guarantee the best offers for your used It equipment, saving budgets in the process.

Eco Friendly

As a leader in the e-waste recycling industry, our goal is to make sure your IT assets are recycled responsibly and kept out of landfills. Our processes make sustainability and corporate social responsibility easily achievable. We provide detailed chain of custody documents ensuring your equipment is handled and recycled with the utmost care.