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What is DDR4

DDR4 SDRAM stands for double data rate fourth generation synchronous dynamic random-access memory. DDR4 is a type of synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) with a high bandwidth, introduced in 2014. DDR4 SDRAM is one of the latest variants of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) and a higher-speed successor to the DDR2 and DDR3 models. DDR4 is not compatible with any earlier type of random-access memory (RAM).

DDR3 Memory  vs DDR4 Memory

The key benefit of DDR4 SDRAM over DDR3 SDRAM consist of: higher module concentration, requires less energy, and of course higher data rate transfer speeds. The DDR4 standard allows for dual-inline memory modules (DIMMs) up to 64 GB, whereas DDR3’s maximum is 16 GB per DIMM.

See the DDR3 vs DDR4 infographic here

Image Product Name Part Number
Image Product Name Part Number