Data Tapes

Sell All Tape Media Storage

Are you in charge of figuring out how to dispose of or even sell tape media for your company? Are you considering upgrading your data center to cloud storage? Does your organization have surplus data center equipment or magnetic tape media laying around?

Well, then why not make some money? It’s super easy to sell tape media storage and used data center supplies.

Tape media has been around for decades and continues to grow as the most reliable data storage backup. If you’re thinking of making the leap to cloud storage, don’t trash your old equipment. We can help you sell tape media storage and data center equipment quickly and easily. There’s no longer a need to ask, “How do I sell tape media?”

Our sister site We Buy Used Tape is the best in the industry with helping organizations sell tape media and used tape drives. Since 1965, We have consistently maintained the highest security standards, ensuring all transactions are handled efficiently, ethically, and securely.

Why Sell Tape Media?


Reduce – your workload. When you enlist us to take care of your used and surplus tape media or data center equipment, we handle the entire process from start to finish so you don’t have to lift a finger. From initial pick up and shipping, to end of life data destruction we’ve got you covered. We even offer on-site data destruction services and chain of custody upon request.


Reuse – the money. Get cash or credit when you sell tape media and used IT equipment. Most IT budgets are very slim, so using the cash or credit you receive for your next big project can be a major benefit.


Recycle – e-waste. Everyone wants to do their part to be socially responsible and help the environment. Now’s your chance. By recycling your magnetic tape media and used data center equipment, you can do your part to keep harmful toxins out of our local landfills.

The 3 Levels of Tape Media Recycling Services

  1. Clear – quick-erase your tape media, write a random-fill/test pattern to the tape and certify it for reuse
  2. Purge – securely erase all data on the tape media and will certify the media for reuse.
  3. Destroy – completely degauss the tape media, ensuring that data is thoroughly eradicated.

Since 1965, we’ve taken data security very seriously. We use a combination of off-the-shelf products and custom-built solutions to securely eradicate your data. Our decades of combined experience make us a great team, and we work to continuously improve our processes and procedures.

See our storage media buyback list.

How to Sell Tape Media – It’s easier than you think.

Visit our sister site at or simply follow the five-step process below.

  1. Send us a list of the tapes you want to sell.
  2. Our equipment specialists will audit your tapes and respond with an offer.
  3. We handle all shipping, handling, and other security needs.
  4. We receive your tapes and erase them 100% of all data.
  5. You receive a certificate of data destruction along with your payment.