Sell Processors and CPUs

Simple and Secure CPU Buyback

We offer a simple and secure processor and CPU buyback option for your ever-evolving IT requirements. Sell your server, desktop and laptop processors and remain current with the latest technology. Even though computer processors can become obsolete over time, they still hold much of their value long after retirement. This makes them precious commodities in the world of renewable technology.

Selling CPU, or computer processors, is a great way to get the most return on your IT investment.

You Might be Surprised at How Much You can Get for Your Processors


Intel Core Processors

Intel Core i9

Intel Core i7

Intel Core i5

Intel Core i3

Intel Xeon Processors

Intel Xeon E7

Intel Xeon E5

Intel Xeon E3

Intel Scalable

AMD Processors

AMD Opteron

AMD Ryzen

Why Sell CPUs and Processors?

Selling surplus Intel and AMD processors can compensate for the increased cost of server system or individual CPU upgrades. This is one reason why financially smart companies would rather sell excess CPU modules over disposing their used processors. Not only can they increase their bottom line, but they don’t have to worry about the additional expense of paying a recycler to destroy the obsolete units.

Selling excess CPUs and other retired IT equipment lets your enterprise focus on the IT assets that are critical to your success. Long gone are the days that you are paying to store your out of date processors. In spite of their age, CPUs hold their value long after their useful days; essentially turning old equipment into cold hard cash.