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Indicated by industry-leading asset liquidation services, We Buy Used Memory offers IT asset management services created to help any size company save money, save the earth, and save themselves. 

It asset services

We provide the best value for your surplus and used assets allowing your organization to maximize its budget and save on resources that drive your business forward.

We provide honest and secure data destruction services which include physical destruction with a mobile shredder and secure data erasure methods like degaussing

Our innovative IT Buy Back Program helps companies recoup initial costs while minimizing the environmental impact of e-waste.

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Help the environment by properly disposing of and recycling old ram memory. Believe it or not, a majority of our computer components and electronic devices are made up of materials that are bad for the environment. Improper disposal of used and surplus computer equipment can cause elements in these devices to seep and spread through the soil; or if burned can fill the air with toxic fumes. As consumers we are ultimately responsible for the products we buy and their eventual disposal. We Buy Used Memory has the environmental compliance status required to safely and legally recycle your IT equipment, avoiding fines from industry regulators.


Inevitably your company will need upgraded IT equipment. Critical decisions will need to be made about what to do with the obsolete equipment. Let us assist you by providing the maximum value on the market. We guarantee best offers in buying used DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, SDRAM, RDRAM, and Rambus memory for your desktops, laptops, and servers. Help your company by turning an unused asset into cash that can be offered on the spot, or transferred as a credit toward new equipment.


Help yourself by reducing your workload and stress. Let us worry about the removing of unused equipment from your valuable data storage spaces. We are the one-stop solution for the security, disposal and recycling of all used and surplus electronics and IT equipment. We offer nation-wide free shipping and on-site collection services. Even when recycling is not feasible, we ensure that all computer and electronic equipment is disposed safely and securely; offering a complete audit trail to all of our clients. You can rest assured that your data is always 100% secure with us.