Asset Liquidation

IT Asset Disposition

We provide the best value for your surplus and used assets allowing your organization to maximize its budget and save on resources that drive your business forward. Combined with your ASSET RECOVERY program you can maximize the value of unwanted and obsolete assets.

Buy Back Program

Our innovative IT Buy Back Program helps companies recoup initial costs while minimizing the environmental impact of e-waste. We have a very flexible buying policy that is committed to creating a win-win situation for all of our clients.

Charitable Donations

Some companies prefer to DONATE their surplus and used IT assets instead of selling them. Our Donation Program can assist you in donating your organization’s used assets to a charitable cause of your choice. Your generous gift can also help recoup more of your original equipment expenses. We work closely with several local non-profit organizations to make this an easy and viable option.

secure shipping

Secure Shipping Solutions

With us by your side, you can rest assured that all shipping and handling is done securely. We are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of technology sellers, resellers and buyers throughout the international market. Our secure shipping solutions use tough and secure containers as well as encrypted lock codes to ensure every shipment is safe and secure.