Secure Data Destruction

data security is #1

data security

of organizations have never disposed of hardware containing confidential information

hard drive destruction

of organizations have no protocol for storing and disposing of confidential data

data destruction compliance

of organizations dont audit the security procedures they have in place 

Data security is main concern for IT departments in any organization, and rightly so. Many of their clients demand that their data is handled appropriately and destroyed according to both government and industry standards.

We provide honest and secure data destruction services which include physical destruction with a mobile shredder and secure data erasure methods like degaussing. All of our destruction services are effective, auditable and certified. Ship storage assets to our secured facility or simply ask for the mobile data destroyer to be deployed on site. We proudly provide all of our clients with a chain of custody and certificate of data destruction upon completion.

secure data destruction

hard drive destruction

Depending on preferences and specifications, we either erase all the data in hard drives with our DoD certified software or we physically destroy the hard drives by passing them through our mobile crushers. Either way, the data on the hard drives is deleted permanently and is irretrievable.

magnetic degaussing

If your facility has media diskettes, tapes or hard drives that are no longer in use, we can securely degauss them for you. Degaussing, popularly known as bulk erasing, permanently erases all data from magnetic storage media by deleting, formatting and controlling the information on the track. 

degaussing services

Degaussing ensures maximum data security of the data in the media before these are re-used or disposed.